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Adult Cat Shots

Keep Your Cat Healthy With Regular Vaccinations

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Vaccinations are an important part of any pet's health regimen. This is not just something you give to puppies and kittens. Adult dogs and cats need regular vaccines to keep them healthy, too. Your veterinarian will give you a list of the annual to three-year shots your adult cat needs, and it is important that you follow it. Whether your cat is an indoor cat, outdoor cat, or both, it needs these vaccinations. You never know when something you never thought about could put your cat at risk. You want your cat around for a long, long time. Do what you need to do to make this as likely as possible for your pet with regular pet shots.

Cat Shots Your Adult Cat Needs

These are some of the main types of vaccinations an adult cat needs on an annual to three-year basis:

Rabies Vaccination--This is usually the one most pet owners know they need to do. Most areas in the United States require pets to be vaccinated for rabies annually. It is not only a legal requirement, it is a requirement for them to get their license. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, you don't know when she might escape and go on an adventure outdoors. She might get rabies from a strange animal in the wild if she is not vaccinated. If she does not have her tags, she may get picked up by animal control and end up in a shelter, and it will be a real challenge to find her and get her back without that tag proving you are her human. Be smart and get that annual rabies vaccination whether you think your cat needs it or not.

Distemper Vaccination--Distemper can be a nasty illness for a pet. They can live through it with good, early treatment, but it is better if they don't get it at all. You can make sure they avoid it by getting them their three-year distemper vaccine. Even indoor cats need it. While it is spread from cat to cat, and you might think your indoor cat is not at risk, consider if you let your cat go on a balcony or screened porch. Any animal that comes through your yard and sneezes near that screen can pass distemper on to your cat, without your cat ever actually going outside or interacting with other animals.

Calicivirus Vaccine--Your cat needs this every three years as an adult. It can cause nasty upper respiratory infections in cats that take heavy antibiotic treatment to cure. Keep your cat safe from this condition and the need for treatment with regular vaccinations.

FeLV --This is a immunosuppressive condition which is transmitted from cat to cat contact. Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor cat, regular vaccinations will keep your beloved kitty healthy and protected. Vaccines are usually given twice as a kitten, then once a year later after the second dose, then every three years after that.

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